Keren Rijensky

Simplifying the complex

UX expert


I am an active and ambitious individual, currently living in Tel Aviv. On my spare time I play rugby, climbing walls, scuba diving and travel.

I love to go to Meetups and attend the monthly animation, UX Salon, Product-Tank Meet-Ups as well as attending in public lectures about almost any subject there is that are taking place in bars. I believe knowledge is power.

In my spare time i'm writing posts and tutorials ( PixelPerfect magazine & my own Medium account), and working on my own lecture regarding my field in user experience.

UX Researchers strive to learn and understand users’ needs, behaviours, and emotions to yield insights that help everyone focus on the user.

UX Responsibilities:
-Work with Designers, Product Managers, Engineers and other UXRs to prioritize research opportunities in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
-Understand and incorporate complex technical and business requirements into research.
-Creating Personas
-Competitive research

Collect and analyse user behaviour through:
-Lab studies
-Field visits
-Benchmark studies
-Usability testing
-Card sorting

Gathering and interpreting collected data:
-Extract meaningful patterns from large data sets
-Developing metrics
-Identify and quantify problems
-Define and measure quantitative UX goals and metrics
-A/B testing


Happy to hear from you (: